About the Artist

Art must touch our lives, our fears and cares – evoke our dreams and give hope to the darkness. — Frederick Hart

Harmon Montgomery, Artist

Harmon Montgomery (a.k.a. Alex Porter)

No man can truly reflect God’s majestic creations!

Yet, with an explosion of striking colors, fused with the harmony of movement and expression, America’s contemporary watercolor impressionist Harmon Montgomery captures the very essence of ‘any moment in time,’ through his extraordinary paintings.

His expressive style of painting interprets everyday scenes and objects with bold lights and darks, and dramatic color rhythms, so that others may broaden their imagination and see the world as he sees it.
Also an avid musician, Montgomery has had a colorful career in the arts, ranging from playing saxophone with the Glenn Miller Army Band to his free flowing creativity as a watercolor master.

It is no surprise, then, that some of his most sought-after pieces are those of past generations of some of the greatest jazz musicians of all time … paintings filled with the soul of bygone days … and, if you listen closely, you can almost hear the swinging, syncopated beat of New Orleans jazz.

Never one to limit himself, Montgomery is as excited about painting landscapes and scenes from daily life as he is in the human figure or portraits. Whether people or still life, each of his paintings boldly captures the precise lighting of the moment, using sunlight, shadows and direct or reflected light to emphasize the sheer power … or delicacy … of the subject.

He says his passion for watercolor painting has never lost sight of the qualities that first attracted him to the medium – “the ability to imbue a painting with spontaneity and freshness.” He adds that these are essential to his desire to create a mood or emotion with his portrayals, feelings he can convey so that others may share them with him.

Montgomery has won many awards for his watercolors, including the Disney “Festival of the Masters,” where he was one of the top winners. Showcasing one-of-a-kind and limited edition painting, photography, sculpture, jewelry and more, Disney’s prestigious show is ranked among the country’s finest outdoor art festivals.

He also received the “Best of Show” awards in Cedar Key, Florida, and was part of a three-man show at the Mt. Dora Art Center Festival, which ranks in the Top 100 Art Shows in the nation. This Festival features some of the nation’s leading artists selected by a panel of jurors from hundreds of applicants.
In addition to earning top awards, some of his paintings have been collected worldwide, from America to Europe and Australia.

You are invited to explore a sampling of his work throughout his online gallery. Unless identified as “Original,” all images in the gallery are available in Limited Edition Hand-Signed Lithographic Prints.